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Fire Alarm


If there is a fire in your building, the key aspect of fire protection is to identify the developing fire as soon as possible so that you can alert the building's occupants and fire emergency organisations. This is why you should have a fire detection and alarm system installed in your premises. 

Fire Alarms and Extinguishers: Service


 Fire extinguishers are active protection devices used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations.  We have the training and knowledge not only to maintain your extinguishers but to advise you on placement and the correct usage and types.

A Professional checking aFire extinguish
Fire Alarms and Extinguishers: Welcome

Don't Forget

Remember, you also need to test and maintain the fire detection and extinguishers regularly. It is not only for fire regulations compliance but also to ensure the system is able to provide you full protection to minimise fire loss and impact. We at WatchTower can help with all aspects of maintenance.

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